At Bamboo we look at each client situation uniquely.  We ensure that we understand your situation before undertaking any activity. By considering your desired output and how we can utilise your current programmes, projects and resources, we will develop and deliver the right solution!


At Bamboo we...

  • Ensure you have experienced, consistent project management
  • Think beyond the project in hand
  • Make the most from your budget

Solutions include...

  • Meetings and events
  • Advisory Boards
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Training programmes and materials
  • KOL development
  • Customer skills programmes
  • Web-based activities
  • Video/audio content for web
  • Off-line solutions
  • Tablet applications
  • Online training

Whatever the project, we are committed to helping our clients in moving closer to their marketing goals and ensure that all communications to customers are part of a linked, strategic journey.